Legal & Compliance

Some of the main challenges that organizations face are legal, but these can be prevented or mitigated with strong institutional frameworks, policies and standard operating procedures.
  • GRAMS supports start–up and maintenance of program collaborations – especially between US and European (Northern) and African (Southern) partners – by advising on the legal requirements, tax obligations, or any liabilities that might arise through such collaborations.
  • Registrations: GRAMS provides advice on the appropriate forms of registration and supports the registration processes for corporate vehicles necessary for driving research or program agenda especially in Uganda, but other countries in Africa as well.
  • Setting up requisite documents: GRAMS supports the review and set up of requisite subcontract or contract documents with sponsors, primes awardees, or sub-awardees. We do this in an environment that recognizes the differences in the legal frameworks especially between the Northern partners from Europe or the USA and the Southern partners, especially from Africa.
  • Intellectual Property: GRAMS provides legal and professional advice on matters relating to intellectual property, especially in a highly collaborative atmosphere. Where appropriate, provide support and advice on the registration requirements and processes.
  • Medical Material Transfer Agreements (MMTAs): GRAMS provides advice on drafting and review of MMTAs and helps interpret them against the sending and receiving countries’ national regulatory frameworks.
  • Support Services: GRAMS provides operational and training support to strengthen Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) of secretariats in Uganda, the East African region (with possibilities of support to other parts of Africa).
  • Training: GRAMS also provides training support, if needed, to develop institutional management capacity in areas of compliance with financial and management regulations.
  • Document Maintenance: GRAMS provides operational and training support on best practices for proper maintenance of grants management records and reports as required by donors, including maintenance of grant binders and other official grant documents.
  • Logistics: GRAMS provides support services and advice on logistics management, including efficient and transparent procurement procedures, fleet management guidelines, asset management systems, and stores control policies.
  • Human Resource: GRAMS provides advice and services in human resources including recruitments, retention policies, terminations, management of compliance with employment regulations and labor rules, and advice on the management of employee benefits.