Global Programs for Research and Training (GPRT)



Global Programs for Research and Training (GPRT) - Ongoing

Supported the general research, programs administration, and management of the institution:

  • Preparation of payment vouchers, initiation of transfer payments (both manual documents and online), and submission of all the approved payments for GPRT.
  • Preparation and execution of all approved payments for GPRT.
  • Attend bank or URA or NSSF meetings as delegated and required.
  • Preparation and submission of the summary monthly or quarterly expense reports, and bank reconciliation statements as required by UCSF.
  • Running all the required bank errands.
  • Help to prepare, review and set up staff contracts and support the GPRT management team in Uganda to manage the staff in accordance with the GPRT Human resources manual.
  • Preparation and management of payroll and ensuring that obligations for PAYE, NSSF, insurance (for both Medical and Workmen’s compensation) are appropriately discharged.